#WorkHERE Signs Placed in Schools

#WorkHERE signs were placed in all Edgecombe County and Nash-Rocky Mount middle schools and high schools, as well as Edgecombe Community College and Nash Community College.  The campaign was funded through the Cummins Corporate Grant program.  The signs serve as a reminder of the many companies in the Twin Counties and the career opportunities for students to consider.  Other components of the #WorkHERE campaign include:

  • A series of virtual tour videos highlighting the individual worker, job title, salary/hr. wage, credential needed, and daily tasks; this video(s) could be placed on the websites of the school systems, community colleges, NC Works and STEP as a common resource.
  • Job Shadowing for high school students (Groundhog Day) and possible reverse shadowing opportunities.
  • Professional development for educators about careers and products in the Twin Counties and summer externships.
  • Identify and implement a common career exploration tool (ie. Career Coach)
  • Soft Skills training component for all high school students; Integrate soft skills early in character education at the elementary and middle school levels.
  • Expand Pitsco Labs in middle schools based on needed skills of local industry.