About STEP

This is a special time in the life of Nash and Edgecombe counties when leaders from both counties have recognized the need for changing their future. To that end, the leaders commissioned a study by the University of North Carolina around economic competitiveness that has led to a comprehensive community effort to create a shared vision and strategic plan to enhance the quality of life and economic competitiveness. STEP was established is 2012 to bring together school districts, human services agencies and businesses on a regional basis to share resources focused on:

  • Capacity-building
  • Joint planning
  • Process improvement focused on improving student achievement and family efficacy

STEP creates venues for education and business leaders to dialogue on the challenges; share stories of success; generate ideas for new initiatives; and leverage and connect resources.

Why This Work is Important

  • Students want to be prepared for the jobs that are available in the community where they grew up.
  • Employers in the Twin-Counties need to grow their own skilled workforce.
  • Our school systems and community colleges have ideas and resources that when aligned and coordinated can better serve students.
  • Student and families want to know about opportunities that are available in the Twin-Counties.